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Color Correcting Stick

Brand: Smashbox Cosmetics



A collection of 4 creamy, color-correcting sticks that fix flaws and even out specific skin concerns with precise application.



Apply wet or dry to customize sheer to medium or full coverage.



  • Tackles discoloration with targeted, blendable pencils
  • Each color addresses a different skin issue
  • Green reduces redness
  • Lavender brightens sallow skin
  • Peach (for lighter skin tones) and Orange (for deeper skin tones) corrects age spots and dark circles on lighter skin
  • Gives you precise, lightweight coverage
  • Looks natural under makeup
  • Cruelty-free


    For targeted areas (like blemishes): 

  • Draw an X over problem area
  • Blend outward
  • Finish with concealer or foundation

    For larger areas: 

  • Cross-hatch across problem area
  • Blend well with foundation brush or fingers
  • Finish with concealer or foundation

    For small areas (like under eye circles):

  • Apply dots and use fingers to pat and blend into skin
  • Finish with concealer or foundation
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