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Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner

Brand: Smashbox Cosmetics



On a photo shoot, the crew can't wait around while makeup artists sharpen their pencils. That's why we developed this award-winning kohl eye liner, which self-sharpens automatically every time you twist off the cap. The high-impact, waterproof formula is packed with pigment. It's a precise pencil liner that performs like a liquid. Save time—and keep your eye makeup look totally on point!



Want an even more intense eye look? Don't forget to line the inner rim for major definition! One tiwst of the cap will do it. No need to over twist to sharpen!



  • Precise, waterproof, & non-flaking
  • Hyper-pigmented kohl for color-rich results
  • Can be used on inner rim



One twist of the cap sharpens the liner so your eyes are always on-point!

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